How do I know if I'm a good fit for counseling?

Below are some of the things that would make you a great candidate!

Couples wanting to improve their communication

Relationships can be difficult, but communication is key. Navigating through emotions and verbally expression those feeling can become perplexed. Counseling supports articulating and truly understanding your feelings and where those feelings originated from. Communicating properly with your partner or family member, or friend can make a difference.

Multicultural Understanding

Clients who desire a deeper understanding of cultures, race, openly speak with Tanya Miller feeling a safe space to express themselves. Growing with an understanding of multicultural living, allows us to have an authentic relationship in our united communities.

Individuals who struggle with moving forward

Moving forward from a career, relationship, trauma can be very difficult. Our mind is wired to learn from our past in a form of survival. This can also hinder our ability to move forward in positivity. Remembering our past is ok, but through counseling we can move forward wisely without struggling with fear.

Families dealing with trauma

Families are an intricate entity of relationships since we are intertwined by multiple generational relationships. When trauma occurs as a result of death, abuse, divorce and more, counseling helps focus on layers of unresolved emotions to resolve trauma.